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Something I wrote in my first class at writing camp. Kind of liked it.

Where I Am From

            I am from musty pages and partly-formed words.  I am from candy-smeared grins and childhood laughter—because only children laugh so loud.  I am from the half-lit screen and boxed-in faces.  I am from over-stuffed sandwiches and saltless soy beans—because salt, my little girl, will bite you back in its time.  I am from a 1-2-3 square root exponent logarithm numbers-matter mind, and I am A-B-C letters words feelings stories.  We are not what we are from.

            I am from the quiet house and the quiet town and the “your life must be so easy.”  I am from screams and apologies and we-still-love-each-other’s, so don’t you worry, honey, it’ll all be just fine.  I am from the tears on my cheeks, not my own.  I am from sentences strung together, always my own.  I am from the ideas waiting to be realized and the stories begging to be told.  I am from a shaky future dressed in pretty words.  I am from explosions in the making and magic in the air.  I am from sweet dreams and nightmares and life’s perilous in-between.  I am from this story trapped between its covers.

            I am waiting to be read.

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I love making Jane feel awkward.

From my last video

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Requested by anon.

Rape myths, rape culture, and the damage done


 Under this cut are spoilers for City of Lost Souls, but also an in-depth discussion of sexual assault as it pertains to books in general and The Mortal Instruments in specific, with a discussion of rape culture and rape myths. There is also an excerpt from a scene that contains a violent physical assault. 

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I’m not a huge fan of TMI; I have not read the last two books; I’m not exactly a Cassie Clare fangirl.  But this post is something I think everyone should read.






I’m going to repeatedly reblog this.

So much hope.

This gave me chills.

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Me: I love puns.

Chris: That’s turtley stupid.


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